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Metalguide’s specific search tools are a unique and user-friendly way to get in touch with the right business partners. Are you on a hunt for the right supplier or relevant jobs? Here on Metalguide you can find or send a task with less than ten clicks with your mouse.

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What is Metalguide?

Metalguide is a web portal that offers Danish production companies an easy and manageable way to find business partners who are just right for the task you need to solve.

By signing up to Metalguide, you and your company will be able to locate new suppliers for your tasks in no time. With just a few clicks, you can submit your assignment to all the manufacturing companies that are a part of Metalguide’s network.

Choose between different options and decide whether you want to offer the job task to everyone, a share of companies or just your favorites. We’re to claim that it has never been easier.

As a supplier, you can keep track on the submitted assignments in your business industry and in just a moment you can bid on relevant tasks.

Metalguide’s policy is built upon discretion and data protection. Tasks, images, project sketches, etc. are confidential, and we only use the safest servers and highly encrypted transmissions for our data.